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Grilled seaweed - bibigo
  • Grilled seaweed - bibigo


    Bringing the nature's best with clean and healthy ingredients, bibigo Gim  


    Bibigo Gim uses 100% Korean domestic laver that preserves its deep and natural flavor, roasted on different temperature depends on the season to maintain constant crispiness 365 days a year.


    Gim from the clean waters of Korea offers a glimpse into the wonders of the sea.

    The Crisp texture that gives way to tenderness, profound and complex fragrance, and rich taste; these are the hallmarks of the low-calorie snack food, Gim. Gim has historically served as an important source of vitamins in Korean coastal regions during the winter season. bibigo Gim offers a fire-grilled Gim straight from nature with fresh and healthy ingredients.


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