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it's real seven nuts & cheese
  • it's real seven nuts & cheese

    Haru Nuts Protein Plus
    Nutrition and taste all at once!

    Individual packet comes in 7 kinds of premium blend recipe that are carefully picked from around the world - Walnuts (USA), Almonds (USA), Cashew Nuts (India, Indonesia, Vietnam, etc.), Macadamia (Australia), Mozzarella Cheese Cubes (Germany, France, USA), Pecans (USA), Brazil nuts (Brazil, Peru, Bolivia, etc.)

    Nutrients you just needed for healthy daily routine!
    Our special blend walnuts are coated with proteins with brown rice syrup and natural cheese that softens the astringent texture of walnuts. Enjoy the mozzarella cheese cube that has a unique flavor and is rich in calcium.
    Blending for healthier recipe.
    A fantastic combination of premium-grade nuts and mozzarella cheese cubes!

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